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Spine & Neuro Center building
Spine & Neuro Center building

Our goal is to reduce pain quickly and help restore function, which allows our patients to get back to their normal day to day lives. Thousands of North Alabama patients have found relief at Spine & Neuro Center and now know why we are superior in comprehensive spine care, and that’s the experience we offer to you.

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Quality neuro spine surgery

Neurosurgeons are the only specialist trained to treat the entire spine from head to toe. Our Physicians have been providing superior spine care to the North Alabama region for over 50 years.  Our goal is not only to provide excellent care, but to keep our practice and our patients one step ahead with the latest surgical equipment and innovations in spine surgery and non-surgical care.  Our dedication to this goal is evident through our participation of clinical research studies.

Experienced Spine Surgeons

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Spine and Neuro Center utilizes a unified and comprehensive approach when it comes to caring for our patients.  Starting with your first appointment and continuing on throughout the diagnosis, treatment, and rehab.


Our surgeons offer the latest minimally invasive spine treatments. This approach usually results in smaller surgical incisions, shorter hospital stays, as well as a shorter recovery period versus the traditional approach.